The Cast

Meet the Cast, instantly regret it…

Meet the Cast

Craig (aka Winst0lf)


Winst0lf was introduced to the world of video gaming on his eighth birthday, way back in 1994. His parents bought him a Sega Master System 2, the one with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built into it, and a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog (which my dad used to secretly play of an evening in the weeks leading up to my birthday, the swine).

As he started with a Master System, he was automatically a Sega fanboy right up until 1998, when he ditched his Mega Drive (don’t worry, the old girl has since been dusted off) in favour of Sony’s mighty PlayStation, which he still considers to be the best console ever made. Fast forward through the PS2 years (which he got for his 18th birthday,a whole decade after that fateful Master System) and it was the natural progression onto the Xbox 360 in 2006 or thereabouts. A few RROD’s later (thank the gods for the 360 Slim) and the PS4 was next in 2013, once again making ole Sony the dominant console in the house. A Sega Dreamcast also crept in around this time, the console he had missed out on and always wanted.

Except the old 90’s Sega rival, whom he had largely ignored, started to creep back. His TV cabinet now holds both a NES and SNES Classic, GameBoy Advance (and DS for backlit GBA fun) and, since the new year, a sexy Switch.

Winst0lf can be found nowadays writing content for The Well Red Mage under the guise of The Bizzaro Mage (, working on short stories and general blog business of his own ( and, of course, hosting and writing for this nonsense.

Also his cat has an Instagram.

Twitter: @winstolf

Instagram: winst0lf

His cat’s Instagram:

For reals, his cat can selfie!


Stuart (aka Digeztive)

Created in a laboratory during the 1980s, like something from Stranger Things, Stu is one half of the enigmatic Egerton brothers who co-host Shart Select.

His first video gaming experience was with that ’80s stalwart, the Atari 2600, which ignited his passion for all things gamey and also video-y. He also managed to get his paws on a Commodore 64. This was shortly followed by a Sega Master System (the OG red and black one) and a Mega Drive, also cementing him as a Sega fanboy during his childhood. In fact he was such a Sega head that he even had a Game Gear aka Battery Murdering Machine.

Much like Winst0lf, Stu ditched poor Sega for the Sony Playstation in the late 90s (he still bangs on about Apocalypse starring Bruce Willis to this day) and also advanced to a PS2 with the advent of the 21st century. Stu was, however, to be tempted away from this path by a newcomer, a big, green newcomer with a big silly round controller. The Microsoft Xbox. Stu loved his Xbox, to the point of shunning all other consoles and referring to himself as Master Chief at all times, so it was only natural that he was an early adopter for that console’s offspring the Xbox360, which remains to this day his favourite console, despite owning an Xbox One X Scorpio 4K Terrormachine (did I get that right?) He has also been a PC gamer, though has recently dropped the platform and returned to consoles.

Image result for master chief
An actual picture of Stu…

Nowadays Stu runs the more technical side of Shart Select (he’s our audio editing boy) as well as being our chief hype artist.He can also be found on Twitch occasionally, playing them video games.

Also his cat has an Instagram too.

Twitter: @Digeztive1


His cat’s Instagram: justjakethecake


Ryan (aka Cheese Cloth)

It has been said that, if Stu got the pure strength, then Ryan is the most beautiful Egerton brother. He is Daryl to Stu’s Merle, as it were.

Being Stu’s brother, Ryan had pretty much the same console journey as his brother, which means that his entry is going to look a bit sad compared to everybody else’s (I mean come on, I’m not typing all of that again). I’ll say this though, his favourite place to play on any form of video game is no console at all. Where Ryan differs is that he has now shunned all console based activity, ascending to the god-like pedestal of the PC gamer. From his mighty gaming rig, resplendent with 2 (2!) 4k monitors, he plays the latest and greatest PC games, always in search of graphical prowess that makes real life look like Super Mario 64 by comparison. He has also kept up the age old Egerton brothers pastime of World of Warcraft (Stu left that particular Matrix some time ago) where he and his character Skarrgan go in search of Thicc Bois to add to to his Ogrimmar based harem and make pose for tasteful nudes.

Ryan is Shart Select’s video guy, using his massive monitors to piece together fancy footage like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, except he uses a mouse and keyboard because he doesn’t want fingerprints all over his beloved screens. He can also be found on Twitter and knocking about on Twitch, join him on his quest for the Thiccest of Bois!

Ryan has a dog. It doesn’t have any social media presence though, sorry.


It also hates phone calls, so Ryan must record in Winst0lf’s studio/boudoir instead. Bloody dog.

Twitter: @shartselectryan


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