What the Funk is: Foreskin Fury?

In this new series, Winst0lf asks the ultimate question: WTF is Foreskin Fury?
(and do we want to know?)

WTF foreskin fury

Written by Winst0lf

Find Stupid Industries at @foreskinfury on Twitter!

Hi everyone, and welcome to a new irregular (in every sense of the word) feature that I choose to call What the Funk.

In this series, we will have a look at an upcoming indie title from the world of video games, highlighting the studio, the ideas behind their game and what has inspired them. Hey, I’ll even give you lovely folks my thoughts on whether it’ll be worth following or not. Got that? Then let us begin with our first outing, the naughtily named Foreskin Fury.

Foreskin Fury comes from Stupid Industries, based in Montreal, Canada. Being boring British people, all we know about the great wild land of Canada is that it’s full of super nice people and lots of them speak French. Also, they once managed to not get conquered by the USA, which is quite the feat because those guys are pretty tough.

Anyway, Stupid Industries consists of two friends, Antoine and Victo (best names ever?), who had the idea for Foreskin Fury following two of their friends sleeping with the same girl, at different times of course, and being accused of “almost touching dicks”, in the words of Antoine. Learning Blender at the time, he decided to create an animated short based upon this delightfully smutty anecdote.

Some time later and our French hero had moved on to his next project, learning Unreal engine development and, in an act of efficiency rarely seen in this dour world, Antoine decided to re-use those ever so charming assets from his video as characters in the game, thus giving birth to an incredibly phallic video game. With his good friend Victo (we could team him up with our own Ryan and create Victo-Ry) he refined this insane creation and, between the two of them, Foreskin Fury was born!

This labour of (Bizarre) love has been in development for six months, with guys looking to release in the fall (or autumn, as we call it in these parts), though they are realistic guys and are aware that these dates tend to slip.

And what do you call a studio that aims to laugh at least once a day whilst building their game? Stupid Industries, of course!

So, what are my thoughts on the game?

Well, considering it’s been in development for only six months, it’s already looking better than any Steam Greenlight era title, eg definitely not Shovelware. Whilst the humour maybe isn’t entirely my bag, I really do admire the way Antoine and Victo have stood by their guns and had a serious stab at making a game that revolves around the common variety Luncheon Meat Truncheon.

The videos on their Twitter account are all fun, we’ve only scratched the surface here, so maybe go have a good look and see just what you think of what may become a… willy good game…(sorry!)

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